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Hilin – The Bedroom Session Album
Hilin – The Bedroom Session Album
Trust Gardener – Hilin (Acoustic @ Music Around the Fireplace
Little Richard – Hilin (Acoustic @ Music Around the Fireplace)
Me and the Moon Lyric video – Hilin
We Can Work It Out Lyric video – Hilin
Shake Me Up Lyric video – Hilin
Blues Journey Lyric video – Hilin
Romance with a Shotgun by Hilin @ Countdown Café with Kees Baars
This Feeling/Shake me Up by Hilin. Filmed by Vincent G. Gielen

as Featuring

MC DRT ft Hilin – Onrustig, filmed by Mischa van Schaik
Dany BPM ft. Hilin & MC I See – Party Weekends

From the before times

“The bird who dares to fall is the bird who learns to fly.”
3rd Floor Magic- We Are One
3rd Floor Magic – Bang Bang
3rd Floor Magic- Let Go
3rd Floor Magic LIVE – Beautiful
3rd Floor Magic LIVE – Let Go
3rd Floor Magic LIVE – Firetruck

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